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Sujo John

Sujo John survived the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center. His story begins with facing unprecedented odds as both the North and South towers collapsed.

Teena Sandu


Teena Sandu is a sexual abuse survivor who was disowned by her Muslim family after escaping a pre-arranged marriage.

Vanisha Breault

Stories from a survivor

Vanisha Breault is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and advocate for women in distress.

Andrew Fewell

From drugs to salvation

Andrew Fewell is a former thug, drug dealer and convicted felon. Today, he is a free man serving to help others find that same freedom in their own lives.

Riley Fiddler-Schultz

Hockey, Family, Faith

Riley Fiddler-Schultz is a 16-year-old elite hockey player who plays major junior hockey for the Calgary Hitman in the Western Canada Hockey league.

Mathew Embry

The saved skeptic

When award-winning documentary filmmaker and atheist Mathew Embry goes searching for truth through the study of quantum mechanics, he is stunned when he discovers Jesus Christ.

Cody Bates

From hard criminal to saved man

All-around, Cody Bates was one bad dude! Unable to escape the demons of an addicted life-style, his story almost ends one morning.

Mark Clark

From skeptic to salvation

Mark Clark grew up in an atheistic home and after his father’s death began a skeptical search for truth through science, philosophy and history, asking the big questions of life and eventually finding answers in Christianity.

Michael Franzese

Salvation of a mobster

Michael Franzese grew up as the son of the notorious Underboss of New York’s violent and feared Colombo crime family. His story is defined by two blood-covenants: the first one bound Michael to the mob; the second brought Michael freedom!

Michael W. Smith

Music changed his life

Michael W. Smith is a Christian music icon, well known as one of the most gifted worship leaders of his generation. His story is one of a walking miracle. Not taken with the rock-star image, Michael chooses to serve people.
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