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This is Your Story

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S4. E26.  13/07/2021

Stephen Mutizwa

A miraculous double-birth! Stephen’s transformation story began, even before Stephen’s beginning.

S4. E25.  06/07/2021

Steve Balisky

A 4-beer testimony.  Satanic oppression.  Almost broken.  Steve's amazing transformation finding freedom in Jesus Christ.

S4. E24.  29/06/2021

Mikaela Wilson

Having gone to far to tell the truth? Mikaela lived a life of hypocrisy by pretending to know God, until, the desire for a real experience literally forced her off her feet!

S4. E23.  22/06/2021

Steve Grisim

Madoff in the making? Steve believed that he who dies with the most toys wins!

S4. E22.  15/06/2021

Robert Melnichuk

My personal story of transformation. Born-again at age 13!  Plus, God’s calling and the importance for transformational storytelling!

S4. E21.  08/06/2021

Breanne Gilchrist

After experiencing extreme abuse, Breanne comes face to face with freedom from a text message.

S4. E20.  01/06/2021

Adrian Gilchrist

Adrian escaped death to tell his story and personal search for inner peace. But for the Grace of God!

S4. E19.  18/05/2021

Olivia Fitch

Finding the truth between Seventh Day Adventism and Christianity brought a powerful transformation and healing.

S4. E18.  04/05/2021

Fil Rodriquez

Instead of inflicting physical pain on his biological father, Fil found redemption.

S4. E17.  20/04/2021


Mustafa questions the truth of Islam against Christianity.