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This is Your Story

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S3. E6.  16/10/2019

Troy Walker

Troy Walker believed at the age of 6, he was cursed to fail in life.  Knowing his dark lifestyle would take its toll, Troy set a goal to reach the age of 20.

S3. E5.  02/06/2020

Lorne Tebbutt

Lorne Tebbutt followed patterns of deep darkness taking him further into the occult, magic and voodoo ending in a devastation of soul and hunger for a more, pure spiritual experience.

S2. E8.  22/05/2019

Andrew Fewell

Andrew Fewell is a former thug, drug dealer and convicted felon. Today, he is a free man!

S2. E10.  20/11/2019

Teena Sandhu

Teena Sandhu found freedom and healing after turning from Islam to a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

S3. E9.  24/06/2020

Michael Hancock

Michael Hancock finds both faith and freedom in prison!  A story from deep darkness into the incredible light.

S3. E15.  19/02/2020

Denise Mountenay

Denise Mountenay re-tells her tragic story of rape, rejection and redemption!

S2. E1.  22/04/2020

Cody Bates

Featuring convicted murderer, drug addict, drug dealer and prison boss Cody Bates. We investigate his story of transformation and recovery through the power of Jesus Christ.

S2. E9.  03/03/2020

Vanisha Breault

Featuring an advocate for women in distress - Vanisha Breault. A warrior who battled her own demons and came out stronger on the other side.

S2. E4.  29/04/2020

Mathew Embry

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and atheist Mathew Embry goes searching for truth.  Through the study of quantum mechanics he is stunned when he discovers Jesus Christ.

S1. E0.  12/06/2020

Series Trailer

Through unscripted interviews, Robert Melnichuk explores the transformational moments when his guests came to welcome Jesus into their lives. Join him as he uncovers the riveting backstories that ultimately led to finding their new faith and their lives being changed forever.